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Greetings from Belleville NY!

On the north bank of North Sandy Creek, three miles above Woodville, and by rail road, five from Pierrepont Manor, began as a farming settlement, by Metcalf Lee, Bradley Freeman, Joshua Freeman, Martin Barney, James, Benjamin, and Jedediah McCumber, and a few others about 1802-03. Elder Littlefield soon after purchased, and the place being favorably situated for mills, gradually grew to a village. Soon after the War (1812) at the suggestion of Calvin Clark, a merchant, a meeting was called to select a name or the place, and a committee was chosen, who selected the present, which is said to have been taken from Belleville in Canada. Before this it had been known as Hall's Mills, from Giles Hall, who in 1806, purchased of J. McCumber a hydraulic privilege here, and who has ever since resided in this place. The first merchant was Laban Brown; John Hawn was the first innkeeper. Read The Rest......

Businesses in Belleville in 1866-67 (from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67):

Academy - Union Academy
Blacksmith - Chapman & Hall (Julius Chapman & Abram Hall)
Boot & Shoe Shops - Edward Boomer, Charles L. Holmes, Henry Holmes, J.F. McIntosh
Brass Band - LaRue Hawes, leader
Butchers - Charles H. Freeman
Butter & Produce - James H. Searles
Carpenters - Stephen Cornish, Jesse Littlefield
Carriagemakers - Elisha T. Littlefield, Ephraim S. Lamb
Chairmaker - John H. Carpenter
Cloth Dressing - Thomas Waite
Clergymen - George W. Divol (Baptist), Byron Alden (Meth)
Constable - Horace H. Harris
Cooper - George Johnson, James Williams
Dentist - Edward J. Richards
Dressmakers - Jennette Boomer, Jennie Freeman
Druggist - Hiram G. Walrath
Furniture Dealers - Jonathan Carpenter, Harvey Stacy
General Merchants - Chapman & Reed (Daniel H. Cahpman & George P. Reed),
James E. Green, Nahum Houghton,
Edwards, Johnson & Kilby (Fred Edwards, Alba Johnson, & Alanson Kilby)
Gristmills - Malcolm G. Cook, Erastus Hall
Groceries - George Gleason, Henry W. Wilcox
Harnessmaker - Willard Salisbury
Hotel - Belleville Hotel (Alexander D. Williams)
Insurance Agents - Russell B. Richards, Charles F. Jennings
Jewelry & Watches - Bradley B. Barney
Justice of the Peace - Bradford K. Hawes
Lawyers - Mills A. Hackley, Edward B. Hawes
Livery Stables - Alexander D. Williams, William McCollum, George C. Bullard
Millinery - Mrs. Hiram Walrath, Mrs. Charles Freeman
Odd Fellows - Collins Lodge No. 421
Photographer - Frank Allen
Physicians - N. Wotkyns Buel, J.A. Rega
Postmaster - Nahum C. Houghton
Sawmills - Harvey C. Stacy
Stage Proprietor - George C. Bullard
Telegraph Operator - Edwin H. Hiller
Tinsmith - Charles D. Houghton
Tax Collector - Willard L. Cook

Source: HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, NEW YORK -- Franklin B. Hough -- Watertown, New York --- Sterling & Riddell --- 1854

Over the years, we have seen a lot of changes in the buildings in Belleville


Little house near Mathers Mills


BELOW Mathers Mills:

Hunneyman's House on Rt 75


Demo of the house next to Hunneyman's on Academy St. They did this to expand their lawn size:



Perry Paro bought this place in 2015....the old Hawes place





Belleville Library got resided






The 'Badger' machine shop got torn down and moved its place of business next to the Coffee Cup at the corner



The Sharps bought the old Town of Ellisburg building and remodelled it and made it a storage bulding for their equipment, etc. It is located next to their popular and awesome store!!!

Progression pictures:




And then, one day the old 'Pet store' was torn down...was a feed store at one time




This place is at tge intersection of Tiller Road at Route 289 near the cemetery



The Tavern in Belleville



Becomes...The Barley Pub




Demo of building across from Fire Department


Street Views

Belleville Cemetery is an early cemetery located in the village of Belleville on the south side of Sandy Creek.

Old Belleville Cemetery is located at the end of Mixer road next to the creek. There are two Revolutionary War veterans buried here:
Edward Barney (8/18/1749-8/9/1835)
Josiah Littlefield (1766-6/20/1833)


On Tiller Road



Street Views Along 'downtown' county Rt 75


Academy Street NOW

The old Belleville-Henderson School - now used as a Bus Garage and the new school is next to our house down this same road

They removed the top floor and the back is all bays for the buses


A walk Down Academy Street



A nice porch was added here



A nice wrap-around porch was added here

The place next to us was built in 1800 and was owned by Tario's when we moved here...then sold to Mullins
and then in 2015, sold to Rich Wood. They are still remodelling



Looking great!!!




And then, this is our house when we bought it in 1990

Over the years, we have made a lot of changes...but it is still an old 1830 house that does what it wants to do




Belleville Godfrey home. 1976-This beautiful Stone House built in the early 1800s on the Belleville Road is owned by
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Godfrey recently it was owned by the late Roy k Sidmore



Belleville monitor Mills. Covered bridges such as the one picture that monitor Mills used to. The landscape around
the turn of the century. They have long since been replaced by concrete and steel structures but memories can be
revived by photos which we called the earlier era when life didn't rush by it such a hectic pace

Belleville. Monitor Mills Warehouse. That was the only identification on this old view. There are wooden barrels on the wagon and it
appears to be bags of feed on the loading dock on this old picture




this footbridge would have been down Rt 289 approximately behind where Sharp's Store is now



Below......School house once on Tiller Road

BELOW: Academic Building From Hough's History, 1854

From Hough's History, 1854

BELOW: Side view of the Old Belleville Henderson School (Union Academy)

The Union Academy on Rt 289

Looking South towards the Bridge

Belleville NY

Below is the West side of the main street just past the Fire Department heading south

Looking South towards the Bridge

Belleville NY



Below: Facing North - down Academy Street - Rt 75

BELOW: Stores In Belleville NY where the Coffee Cup now is

Stores In Belleville NY


Below: Facing North - the last buillding on the right is where the Coffee Cup now is

Belleville NY


Below: Facing North - the last buillding on the right is where the Coffee Cup now is

Belleville NY

These are enlarged scans of the postcard above!

Belleville NY

Belleville NY Belleville NY


BELOW: The Old Stone Block being Razed to make way for the current Fire Station


Below: Facing South - the first building on the left is where Farm Pride is now

Belleville NY


Below: Facing North - the last buillding on the right is where the Coffee Cup now is

Belleville NY


Below: Facing South towards the bridge

Belleville NY




BELOW Mathers Mills:

BELOW Mathers Mills:

BELOW: Belleville - Grange on Lake Road

Belleville NY



Belleville NY

Belleville NY





1922 Field Day in Belleville NY

BELOW: old cars in Belleville NY looking North out Academy St

old cars in Belleville NY



Rural Hill ....Wilson home. The former Hungerford house at
Rural Hill now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wilson was
constructed in 1825 by Jedidiah Hill the first settler in the
area in 1815. It is said that Mr. Hill was of Mormon faith.
He deeded the home to his son Eben and then it was sold to
Amasa Hungerford. Miss Hazel Hungerford prominent
Belleville School teacher resided there several years during ownership of her father