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We have been researching our family trees for many years and have always been interested in our local northern NY towns and their histories

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Originally published in The Watertown Daily Times - Articles and photos by David Lane, Newspaper Staff from 1944-1954 and updated photos as we could find them

Dockstader-Dato Family Tree

Dockstader (all spellings) - Dato - Bailey - Ashley - Castellano

Snyder-Rumsey Family Tree

Snyder-Rumsey-Corl-Doane and back from Tompkins and Cortland Counties and beyond

Local photos taken over the years - Links to early maps are included!!

Misc Areas
Rodman, Dexter,
Worth, etc

PDF Downloads:
A Tribute To Adams by Ray Dockstader

Ellisburg Mini Stamps

Adams Village Sketched Out

External Links to Other Local History Sites

Abandoned Houses

These are photos that we have taken over the years of houses left to ruin in the area

Old Local Postcards of Jefferson County NY

These are postcards we have collected over the years


NY Mews Persians and Himalayans

Available kittens and pics of our wonderful cats - whites with blue eyes and odd-eyes, himalayans, torties and more....